Welcome to M!SS CRAZY Records
Welcome to M!SS CRAZY Records

Check out our newest video from our latest album 'Inception'

The Inception track listing:

1.) Ready to Go

2.) Hate Me Love Me

3.) The Madness

4.) All Canadian Man

5.) No Love For Me

6.) Said She Loves Me

7.) I Wanna Be Free

8.) Ozzy Osbourne

9.) Feelin Good

10.) Hail Bruce Lee (2014)

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NOW Available on CD!

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Love At War track listing:

1.) Battle Cry

2.) Petrified time

3.) Push On Through

4.) Stoner Rock

5.) Home

6.) Eternal

7.) Leather Steeds

8.) Alliance

9.) Tangled Noose

10.) Seven Worlds

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Resurrection Hard Rock CD!

The Resurrection Hard Rock track listing:

1.) Fire

2.) She Needs My Love

3.) Dying

4.) I Want Love

5.) Moon Child

6.) Gonna Have A Good Time

7.) I'm On My Knees

8.) Hello

9.) I'm Sorry December

10.) I'll Follow You

11.) My Everything

12.) Hiding From The Ghost

13.) Knowing Me 2014


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