Welcome to M!SS CRAZY Records
Welcome to M!SS CRAZY Records


You can now listen to some music samples from some of the great albums we have in our CD and download stores. Check it out and listen now!

M!SS CRAZY RECORDS has signed Bay Area band, RUSTING, featuring Nicole Willard and has added their 16 song debut album to the M!SS CRAZY Store for Mp3 download. Nicole Willard is an awesome female singer born and raised in Los Gatos, California. She has worked with Chris Brown from TRAPT, Markus from M!SS CRAZY, Rob Caggiano from ANTHRAX and Nikki Sixx from MOTLEY CRUE.

Get all of Markus' previous bands, AMSTERDAM and TRIXIE, on MP3 download in the Download Store..just added. More music for you to enjoy!

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